Investment Banking Event Management, digitally transformed


The BTS platform allows investment banks to digitally transform their event management processes, simplifying the complex workflows of global roadshows or the largest multi-track conferences, while providing a comprehensive and rich client experience.


The BTS platform can be used across Banking, Equities, FICC, Prime Brokerage and Asset & Wealth Management allowing all parties to collaborate in real-time and ensuring the right products are delivered to the right clients in the right locations.


The platform can be configured to the needs of each sellside organization and deeply integrated with internal and external systems while also meeting the needs of compliance and regulatory requirements, including MiFID2.


BTS Platform

The BTS platform is trusted by the world’s leading sellside investment banks across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, to execute their highest profile events and deliver an unrivalled experience to their buyside clients.


Promote Consumption

The BTS platform delivers innovative technology to event coordinators, sales and clients to transform the event execution paradigm and promote the consumption of high-value perishable resources.


Scale Seamlessly

Built on the latest cloud technology, the BTS platform is designed to meet the needs of the largest sellside organizations while delivering the security and reliability that financial institutions require.


Increase Efficiency

With continued pressure on the buyside wallet and an unyielding demand for meaningful and insightful interactions, BTS delivers the ability to do more with less while targeting the right clients to maximize revenues.


Comply with Regulations

The BTS platform was designed to comply with the needs of an increasingly intricate regulatory landscape and ensure all data points are captured and available for audit.

BTS captures all the required
data points.

BTS platform allows for the electronic discovery, request/fulfilment of corporate access and analyst marketing products. BTS provides the buyside with real-time company/analyst slot availability, while also allowing granular entitlements to help ensure the right meetings are delivered to the right clients, promoting consumption and maximizing revenues.

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